What to do with communication during the corona crisis

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We know a lot of companies are unsure what to do and what the best way is to communicate during this difficult period. Based on 2 very interesting blog posts I will share with you the most important tips.  👇

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What to do with communication during the corona crisis

As a company it is more important now than ever to communicate correctly. With the tips from Frankwatching your company can really get started. 💪 I'm talking about two blogs in particular: “✔️ Checklist crisis communication: this is how you deal with the coronavirus in communication (dutch)” and “Online marketing & corona: changes in consumer behaviour (dutch)”. 

Keep posting on social media

Our advice is to keep posting on your social media channels. Now that everyone (or at least almost everyone) is home the whole day, social media usage will increase. The behaviour of consumers changes:

  1. They're online more often, so don't go offline yourself
  2. They're less inclined to risks, so focus on retention

So you best make sure your brand stays on top of mind. Because after this crisis, people will shop like they did before.

Change your message

What you definitely should do during this period is to change your message if this is needed. Check the posts that are planned for the coming weeks to see if they are acceptable and relevant. Was one of the planned posts about gathering with your friends? That is a post that is better changed of moved to a later date. You should also handle humor a little more carefully. Humor has its place, but don't go too far.

Keep your consumers up to date

Is your product still available? Does your service change at all? Is home delivery still option? These are the things the consumers wants to know. So keep them up to date as much as possible about that latest changes at your company. This is best done through different channels like you website and your social media profiles. And make sure the information you share is the same on every channel

Be there for you consumer

It is possible that the consumers has questions about things like the availability of your product. These questions will come through different channels: your site, e-mail, phone call, social media, etc. Make sure you keep maintaining your client communication and assist your consumer where needed.

Stay positive

However difficult it may be, stay positive! To help you with that, we will end this with this GIF.

If you have any questions or need advice on how to communicate during the corona crisis? Our team is here for you and will stay active during this period! 💪

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