Wanne be an intern?

We are always looking for talented trainees in graphic design, development, strategy, motion design, SEO. Simply: creative, smart souls with a passion for 'all things digital'

Wanne be an intern?

Are the next points your 'thing'?

  • A student in heart and soul.
  • Motivation to say "you" against.
  • Learning is a must for you.
  • Someone who knows that digital is the new normal.
  • A true team player.
  • You dare tap our shoulder if you have an idea.
  • Respect is not only a song but you also have it for your colleagues.
  • If we give you feedback, you slap our mouth, you do not consider this as a criticism but as a point of action.
  • You can keep good secrets: Jack Crack locked.
  • You do not approve the following statement: asking questions is for whimps.
  • Real TT people pay attention to detail and quality!

What's in it for you?

  • Varied tasks and training package from A to Z and from Z to A.
  • A win-win situation: we provide personal guidance for you and you provide added value in the company. (Anyway you are as proud as a watering can!)
  • Very important: greasy Friday!
  • From day 1 you are a full colleague.

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