Sofie Jacobs

Digital Marketing Strategist & Cat Lady

Sofie Jacobs

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After just having graduated college, I secured a job position at TT by sending in an unsolicited application. Not a spontaneous hunch, but, like everything else in my life, a premeditated action. Which is why being a Digital Marketing Strategist suits me so extremely well: lots of lovely pondering and deliberating - supported by data. Throw some creativity and (digital) content creation in the mix and you’ve got my dream job. I absolutely adore all things beautiful and shiny: my friends don’t call me Sofie the magpie for nothing. ✨


The five C’s: cats, Christmas, cilantro, computers & cocktails!


Public transportation, poorly blended eyeshadow, weak cocktails


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Making-of: Kenwood Instagram story

Making-of: Kenwood Instagram story

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